Holy Animal of Mongolia

Population Gobi B 90 Animal
back home since 1992

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Great Gobi B

Biosphere Reserve

Area 9'000 km2
aprox. 1000 Meter above sea level

South-West Mongolia

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Holy Animal of Mongolia

Population Gobi B 90 Animal
back home since 1992

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Holy Animal of Mongolia

Population Gobi B 90 Animal
back home since 1992

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Great Gobi B

Biosphere Reserve

Area 9'000 km2
aprox. 1000 Meter above sea level

South-West Mongolia

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Great Gobi B

Biosphere Reserve

Area 9'000 km2
aprox. 1000 Meter above sea level

South-West Mongolia

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Great Gobi B

Biosphere Reserve

Area 9'000 km2
aprox. 1000 Meter above sea level

South-West Mongolia

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Holy Animal of Mongolia

Population Gobi B 90 Animal
back home since 1992

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From the International Takhi-Group

three new mares and 22 foals

2014 has been a very successful year for the Takhi-population at Takhin Tal so far. In the beginning of July, Prague Zoo brought again three mares to the reintroduction area. They will remain in an enclosure near the National park center in order to get along with the new climatic conditions.

Within the freely roaming Takhis in the Dzungarian Gobi 22 foals have been born already since April 16th of this year. This is a great success and they are already roaming the Gobi with their respective groups.

Already more than 10 foals yet

The first foal in 2014 was born on a cold and snowy morning on April 16th - until middle of May already 12 more young Przewalski's horses are roaming the Dzungarian Gobi with many more to be expected. With this youngsters the Takhi population in the Dzungarian Gobi has reached more than hundred individuals again.

Contacts with Jimsar breeding station in China

In the last weeks of May the contacts with the breeding center of Jimsar near the Mongolian boarder in China has been intensified and two representatives of the Takhintal reintrodutions site have visited the center. It is planned to have more transports of mares in the future similar to the one which was carried out  in 2012.

New Takhi-Exhibition at Gobi Altai Nature Museum

In the nature museum of the Altai museum the wildlife and takhi-room have been renovated thanks to a donation of Chur Nature Museum (Switzerland). The new exhibition was officially opened in presence of the the deputy governor and the head of the Nature Environment department of Gobi Altay.

New ITG board members

At the General Assembly of the ITG on May 13th, three new board members have been elected. Miroslav Bobek and Jaroslav Simek (both Prague Zoo) have already worked for the board and had organized several Takhi transports from Prague to Takhintal in the recent years. Karin Hindenlang Clerc is head of the Wildnispark Zürich Langenberg from where a number of transports of Takhis had been brought to Mongolia at the beginning of the millennium.

New solar driven well in the Great Gobi B SPA

Water sources are very important for the wildlife in the Great Gobi B. In February 2014 a new solar driven well was built near Huduu serten. The well is equipped with a camera trap which will keep record of the wildlife visiting the new well. The new well has been financed by the Mongolian government.

Local administrations agree to Enlargement of the Great Gobi B SPA

The current area of the Great Gobi B SPA is part of four sums (Bugat und Tonhil im Gobi Altai Aimag und Altai und Uench im Khovd Aimag). In this region the the last Takhis in the wild have been seen. By now 90 free-roaming Takhis live in the area.

In order to protect the Takhis and other species which cover long distances, it is important to work towards a bigger protected area. For more than one year work has to be done to enlarge the Great Gobi B SPA. By now all local administrations have agreed to the enlargement in democratic processes. In May 2014 the project will be discussed in the National Parliament in Ulaanbaatar.

Springtime is starting in the Takhintal area

Wintertime of 2013/14 seems to have been relatively mild with little snow cover. Springtime has has started and the Takhis have already left their winter habitats to reach their springtime roaming sites.

For 2014 rangers who are monitoring the Takhis carefully expect quite a lot of foals.

Senior Ranger N. Altansukh received "honorary certificate" from Minister

Specialist N. Altansukh of the Takhintal reintroduction center has received the "Honorary Certificate" of the Ministry of Nature and Green Development (MNGD).

At Takhintal he works for the Great Gobi B SPA as a conservation officer as well as finance manager of the administration. Furthermore he helps coordinating the Takhi reintroduction project at of the ITG in this area. Contgratulation to this award!

Rare guest in the Dzungarian Gobi

On December 10th 2013 our rangers had the chance to take this great picture of a lynx in the Dzungarian Gobi.

Snowing and cold in Takhin Tal

Newest pictures from Takhin Tal December 5th. Cold and freezing, but Takhis ar still able to get enough food.
more pictures

Takhis go to their winter habitats

According to reports of the ranger in Takhintal, the Takhis are moving towards Khonin Us, where they often spend their wintertime. Snow cover allows still enough vegetation to eat for them.

Winter has started in the Great Gobi B

A few Takhis looking for nourishment, facing a snow-cover on november 11th, 2013.

Example of an active and lively democracy

Together with the president of the ITG, Thomas Pfisterer he again held meetings with important policiy maker and was provided support by the Minister of Environment and Green Development Sanjasasuren Oyun and from the President of Mongolia Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj.

The President of Mongolia had declared 2013 as the year of direct democracy in Mongolia. The way, the decision making about the enlargement of the Great Gobi B SPA is performed, is a prime example for active and lively democracy.

The National Parliament (Great Khural), the parliaments of the Aimags and Sums as well as the assemblies of the Bags have to agree on the enlargement of the Great Gobi B SPA. O. Ganbaatar, director of the SPA, has conducted speeches and conservations over the whole last year, in order to inform nomads, to speak to people of the administrations and local governments. He worked with them on objections and pleas and thus was able to strengthen conficence towards the project.

Enlargement of the SPA may offer new prospects

Preparations for the enlargement of the Great Gobi B SPA (from 9’270 km2 to 23‘690 km2) are under way for nearly a year now.
Map as a basis for the discussions

The enlargement of the area would give an important new prospect for species like Takhi, Khulan and Gacelles; in offering them more pastures, important waterpoints and ecological niches. Alltogether it could mean an important step towards an «International Peace Park».

90 Takhis to start wintertime

The Takhi-population in the Gobi B is slowly recovering from the harsh winter of 2010. 12 foals and four new mares, transported by Prague Zoo make it possible, that 90 Takhis are currently roaming the Gobi B. During summertime there was much dynamics in and between the groups.

Bundan group, which is the biggest harem-group, consists of 25 Takhis. They sometime split into two smaller groups but re-unite in the event of danger. The four mares, which had arrived from Prague Zoo in 2012, are now joined by stallion Erhes. The most important threat for the Takhis and especially for the foals were wolf-attacks in the summer 2013.

Our honorary president Dr. Jean-Pierre Siegfried is dead

Co-founder and honorary president Jean-Pierre Siegfried of the International Takhi-Group died on Saturday, October 5th 2013. Our deepest sorrows and thoughts are with his family. With his passion, driving force and courage he had laid an important foundation to the reintroduction of the Takhi in Mongolia. We are deeply grateful for all his efforts.

His memory will live on in the ITG and in the Jean-Pierre and Sonja Siegfried foundation where he made sure that his dedication and support for rare equids and the Takhi will sustain.

Get the GPS-data from the tagged Takhis. Find the link and login data here.

four new mares for the Dzungarian Gobi

On July 2nd, four mares arrived at Takhintal after a transport which has started 36 hours earlier at Prague zoo. The horses are in good condition and will spend the next months in a acclimatization enclosure near the National Park Center at Takhintal.

Meeting mit S. Oyun, Minister of Environment and Green Development

June 17th Chris Walzer, Enksaikhan Namtar und Petra Kaczensky had the possibility to meet the mongolian Minister S. Oyun treffen. They discussed current problems, the extension of the National Park to the west and the vision of an transboundary Peace-Park. S. Oyun was very helpful and showed great interest towards the plans of the International Takhi-Group.

renewed hospital and working place at Bij

In the context of the socioeconomic program the Czech Development Cooperation helped to build a new hospital at Bij. The small village is located in the vicinity of the Takhi station at Takhintal.

At the same time it supported a working place at Bij where craftspeople can meet in order to produce felt and other local products.

new harem group at Takhintal

Four mares, brought from Prague to Takhintal in 2012 have been relased into freedom in early june. They are accompanied by Erkhen, a stallion which had been roaming the Dzungarian Gobi as a bachelor before. The movements of the small group are being monitored by telemtry.

Field-trip to Takhintal

Young students of regional schools had the possibility to go on a field-trip to Takhintal in order to see "their" Takhis. Ganbaatar and his team informed the small group about the Przewalski's horses and their life in the Dungarian Gobi. Such field-trips for the local nomads are important for the mutual understanding. The kids offered great self-made pictures as a thank for the exciting day.

first foal in 2013

Spring 2013 has been perfect at Takhintal. Snow cover had the possibility to melt into the ground before the strong winds started. Thus the Dzungarian Gobi shows a nice green which serves as food for the wild animals.
Already 6 foals (5m/1f) are roaming the area by now - but there will be 15-20 more during summertime.

Help to better understand the behavior of the Takhis

Scientific work is crucial for species-reintroduction. In order to get to know the behavior of the Takhis and their use of the homerange, scientists are going to administer GPS-transmitters to some Takhis.
Such a survey is expensive. Please help pur scientists to realise their project. See details.

New Takhis for Tama Zoo in Japan

Three Takhis from different european zoos have been transported from Switzerland to Tama zoo in February 2013. The horses are a present from the mongolian President Elbegdorj. May their offspring roam the Dzungarian Gobi in the future.

ITG Image-booklet: first copy for President Elbegdorj

Have a look at the brand new image-booklet of the International Takhi-Group. ITG-vice-president Schnidrig was able to hand over the first copy to the Mongolian President Elbedorj at the WEF who was greatly pleased about the presence and the work of the ITG.

Gain an insight into the goals and activities of the International Takhi-Group. The image-booklet will give you informations and possibilities to support the protection of the Takhis and the Dzungarian Gobi.

Takhi Population, November 2012

There are 4 harem-groups in the Dzungarian Gobi, joined by a group of mares which came to the Dzungarian Gobi in 2012 from Prague and several bachelor groups. Altogether ranger counted 76 Takhis in November, 13 of which being foals which were born in 2012. See details.

Arrival of new Takhis from Europe

In August four mares have been brought to Takhintal by the zoo of Prague. They had been selected by the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) in order to achieve a broad genetic variability.

Conference with local and regional Ambassadors - July 9th, 2012

In June 2012, 36 representatives of nomads, officials of different political organisations and the park management met in order to discuss about their experiences and future perspectives. These meetings prove to be important in order to maintain networking.
You find here a report of the meeting.

20 years of Takhi-Re-introduction

The three reintroduction-projects Takhintal, Hustai Nuuru and Homintal celebrated their 20th anniversary together at Ulaan Baatar.
Press release

Broader Variety through Takhis from China

In May 2012 we had been able to bring 4 stallions from the breeding station of Jimsar (China) to the Dzungarian Gobi. This means a very welcome support to the Takhi population of this region.


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General Assembly

The General Assembly of the ITG will take place on Tuesday, May 13th at Aarau; invitations will be sent to the members shortly.

Mongol Derby Rider supports ITG

Swiss Mongol Derby participant Silvia Simonin is going to support ITG, the reintroduction of the Takhis and the conservation of the Dzungarian Gobi by collecting donations before and during the long-distance ride (more information). Follow her blog from her preparation until the actual race (August 6th-15th) and the aftermath!

Annual Report 2013

Read about goals and achievements in 2013

Takhi Project in National Geopgraphic

Our director of the Great Gobi B SPA and the Takhi-Project has been protrayed in the National Geographic Mongolia!

Im Schatten des Altai (Ornis)

Interesting Article about nature, culture and nature protection in the Dzungarian Gobi; description of the reintroduction project of the Przewalski's horse.

Latest Research Report, January 2013

Learn about the Status of the Przewalski's Population, their size, composition and spatial organization in 2012.

Annual Report 2012

Read the annual report of the International Takhi Group for the year 2012.

Important Cooperation

Cooperation with DEZA/SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation).
Fact Sheet